Friday, 1 February 2013


If you ever fail to persuade someone to conform to something you think is good or  a viable alternative against the options being toyed with, your reaction should not be one of anger but a persistent espousal of the ideal, turning it into the immensity of a cause. Despite all the good talk of our conviction and our intention to go by it, we often come out of the orbit of our understanding with ourselves. We force others to subscribe to what we think as an axiom and all the trouble that has twisted the world out of its own and original pattern of harmony comes out to plague us irrespective of our stances. We engage in polemics, involving the best of the minds to spew more of what started the wave of dissidence, instead of trying to lend to the entire process a gesture of compassion. The initiative of peace in a world torn by hatred and animosity appears to be too fragile because some people, who are fiercely committed to the plank of belligerence and violence, resent the fact they have been victimized by propaganda of hatred.
 A gesture of compassion, trying to extract a sense of goodness from everything, will not mark the end of the world but will take the wind out of the sails of the people who want to justify the need for the survival of a cult or what they think as an ideal by spilling blood. The expanse of the sky over the burial ground may be as much blue and clear as the one over the abode of the saints. The vigorous efforts acquiring the nature of a military campaign against those, who are evidently proved to be the perpetrators of crimes against many of us, though not against mankind, have not so far landed many of us in a world free from strife or blood nor has it been able to reduce the potential of the people who have been on the war path.
The more blood is shed against those who thrive on shedding blood, the more there will be people around the corner, ready to kill themselves and others as they have been raised on the diet of revenge. Even as one is taught to kill another, who is painted as an enemy of the ideals he believes in, his belligerence is bought against a promise of something undoubtedly as good as what still sustains the world on the strength of goodness, love for God. He is told that he is crawling to his Father. So when a man is misguided into becoming a killer because he is taught to think that it will further the cause of what he thinks is the way of salvation, he has the mind to discover his god in the monstrosity of his act. The salve is to target his heart that is bruised instead of the muzzle of the gun that he wields. In order to shorten the distance between us and our cherished goal and the nature of complexity that often leads us into the labyrinth of our hopelessness and confusion, we need to be willing to accommodate a shift in our outlook a vigorous pursuit of which has given us more corpses of true men and friends along with those of some enemies, a lot more battered and mangled thrown in. It is high time we grew out of this state of obduracy not with a feeling of inertia but with an open mind, shorn of malice so that many of those crawling to the father will make a detour and choose to come back to themselves to redefine the course of human history.

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