Wednesday, 11 March 2015


It felt dreary as inside the room it was dark
The mind reminded him of the reality stark.
Every time he probed the self of the room
A voice whispered his mind was full of gloom.
It was no wonder he should hear the junk of the mind
To his reality for a second he could not be blind.
He was too shocked to mourn the death of his wife
From whom life ebbed away in a cardiac strife.
He wondered why he could not be wild with shock
After all his life was now verily on the block.
He could hear the gibberish of his son capering about
He walked in the funeral procession wry as a scout.

For years he lived his life and did his duties
Raising his son, never bothering to mock at niceties.
He sailed through life caressing his worries as bubbles
He could not but smile when someone talked about troubles.
Then he learnt to do what made him cry with tears profuse
Turning into the serenity of prayers as he could deduce.
He could now wallow in the light flooding the room
His benign God traded peace for his gloom.

Courtesy Photo: Google Images

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