Monday, 18 February 2013


Come back and I will tell you a story of how we had been fighting for a common cause though we did not know about it and had been enemies.

Come back and I will tell you that it was you I was looking for as I had been estranged from my brother because I had been told you were the enemy.

Run away from where you are as we have been close to your hideout and the people who are approaching you are calling out to you by your name to ferret you out.

Do not dare as this is the way that has made enemies of us when they were talking about a deal of sharing the wealth that belongs to all of us.

Do not believe me as I am one of them trained in the art of love to perpetrate acts of violence and  kill those who are foolish enough to be my brothers.

Know this from the note that I left and not from the voice because they pumped bullets into me when I refused to play a trick on you who is like all the brothers I never had.

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