Friday, 10 May 2013

To Die Once To Live For Ever

Torn limbs of men soaked in blood will mingle
With the ravenous yet stolid earth and
Tears will dry up to be agonized memories
That will shake us out of our well nurtured complacency
While the age old notions of peace and amity will thrive
Tearing into the entrails of palpable and nurtured gloom
And will tell the sagacious tale of innocence and purity
Of man as God’s beloved child as ever to justify
Our conviction that the world will finally be free
From the orchestrated schemes of hatred and rancor.

When the establishments will tire of well honed policies
And the organizations of their lethal and sophisticated weapons
Each one from here and there will sit back in a state of exhaustion
Still with their wits about themselves scrambling for an answer
Until the truth is decoded from the chit found in the pocket of the
Enemy ,who has been riddled with bullets each fired with a precision,
With the message that is succinct and mellow
“ The loss of your love made me the enemy
So that I could be a corpse embalmed with your guilt.”

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