Monday, 3 June 2013

My Social Penchant

Presently I am sandwiched between twitter and face book
As I look for you from my clan in every corner and nook.
On twitter I am curtailed by a sense of discipline
Forty are the characters to show my love or spleen
On facebook you  are my friend and my lover
On twitter I am a bit more remote, a follower.
Hi! Do not force me to take an oath of integrity
Google+ has no condition for any sort of brevity.
Here the people are evidently as much nice
Tempting you to link to them without any price.
Yet facebook is the result of my first love
A site that gingerly led me to the trough.
In a language plain I state I need the three
To help me to be mobile and full of glee.
Without any foreword I will come back to you soon
You have the choice to regard me a maverick or a loon.

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