Saturday, 15 June 2013



The storm was raging unabated with no clue
To the wave of dissent contagious as a flu.
Men in battle fatigues looked stern but distracted
Unable to reconcile with the policy of hatred.
As they pulled triggers and went on a killing spree
Victory was announced but they were devoid of glee.
Fear was lurking even in the zest for life 
 Each seemed to fear the smouldering fire of strife
Until there was yet another clandestine strike
Wiping out many, Robin’s family and someone’s wife.
Yet some somewhere down the line chocked with venom
Held on to the hope of peace as an inevitable axiom
Calling out to friends and foes alike to clinch the deal
In an attempt to allow the ice to thaw devouring the chill.
Their impassioned cries were drowned in battle thunder
And could be heard again before everything fell asunder.
The men wrapped under shrouds and garlands yellow
Could not hear the prayer for peace ever too mellow.
The candles lit in the houses of the martyrs were dim
Nobody wanted to discuss the way things looked grim.
The child in the street did not fear the soldier on a prowl
He showed him the photograph of how he looked liked an owl.
Then both of them laughed and sent the ripple of their joy
Tearing into the histrionics of war mongers’ orchestrated ploy
To validate their support for yet another war
Pushing the enemies from either side to the tether.
Then the Dawn broke and shone on all of them,
Men such as enemies and friends in an immaculate frame
Hugging each other and showing a cosmic dove in flight
There was an oceanic laugh if one uttered the word’ fight’.

Courtesy: Google Images

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