Friday, 2 August 2013

Confessions Of An Ordinary Blogger

Ever since I became a blogger I have lost much of my sleep at night to write my stuff that would attract cherished page views. Despite my wife’s lack of trust in my prudence, I could see clearly that being a blogger without pages views, promotion on some smart sites such as Indiblogger and euphoric appreciation on social networking sites such as face book, twitter and G+, inter alia, would amount to drawing a blank as much as raising a demand for statehood with the government sitting pretty and clinical with the ears plugged. I rattled the keys on my computer furiously to churn out the stuff that would make people sit up and recognize the talent in me. By the time I had put in some assiduous hours of writing, I went through the draft as the first critical reader with a dispassionate outlook and realized that one with a keen observation would be repulsed by the stodgy material with many loose ends, though the text, interspersed with many intelligent quotations culled from different sources, seemed to succeed in adding a sort of variety just as sand dunes add something of undulating sensuousness to the plainness of the desert.

In an attempt to fine tune the art of writing, I turn to the blogosphere on the lookout for an oasis as I am convinced that a blogger knows everything. I read all sorts of reviews written by young bloggers with elderly sagacity with loads of advice about how a greenhorn should write tons of posts with perseverance without the least of expectation till the Day of Judgment to ensure the divine flow of traffic. An advice or two on writing quality posts sends shivers down the spine as the blessed time for writing such stuff is too short lived. As soon as the money from the salary starts running out beyond the week, the flame of creative impulse begins to get extinguished. Yet you have to write keeping in mind the question of page views and end with the ramblings of the worst blogger on the site that belongs to none but you. Were it not for the support of prompt promotion from the friendly bloggers from my network on Indiblogger, I would be a wooden plank floating on the ocean of blogging with no purpose. what makes things even worse is that sometimes blogging loses its literary merit as it is eclipsed by something purely technical, with the entity of search engine optimization looming large before me. This is simply too much for a simple and  non-technical blogger like me to tackle. If in the midst of this, one or two comments on my posts are as good as rave reviews, I cannot but get goose bumps, going red in the face which blanches throughout the year with a calamitous reality.  

When I get an email alert on my phone announcing a contest, I feel like running for cover as I have butterflies in the stomach. I cannot overcome the reality of the fact that that my poor post would suffer from exposure. Entries with depth and vision from fellow bloggers would accentuate the poverty of my post, making it stand out as a loner to be picked up those with similar fates. Yet I am haunted by the bogey of blogging like one possessed, seeking to channelize my confusion, anger, tears and laughter into the art of what they call blogging. In spite of being critical with the things that I observe and relate to, I have failed to get any clue from the face of my boss impersonating enigma and the way he easily turns me into an ass right before the people who had begun to adore me as a weakling metamorphosing into a genius over a  period of time. I cannot help muttering to myself that if this goes on in this manner, I may be required to do something to retrieve my honour. But I do not know what to do.  I am planning to make him a fellow blogger.

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