Monday, 5 August 2013

Behind The Facade

It took me days to get them together
And regroup for their cause and garner
Support smashing the wall of apathy
And show it as the greatest social malady.
Many complained of back pain and that in the waist
One with a chest pain grouched as if it was the gist.

 But Some of them seemed ebullient and virile
Tracing the way they could say no to being senile
Joking with the idea of death as the anchor they sought
As they felt that was the way to frustrate everyone’s plot.
Life they joked had taught them to be blasé
They did not hesitate to die en masse.

They nodded and said they would walk to display
Themselves infirm and aged as specimens of a foul play.
As they walked with placards in wrinkled hands screaming
For justice I felt I had done it though my nerves were straining
With excitement giving way to a sense of delectable languor
Watching and hear them gurgling to extricate them from stupor.
I felt numb with delight as I was able to add another feather to my cap
In life otherwise successful who did not cherish a clap?

Finally I came out of the haze
And jumped up following someone’s gaze.
My father walked weak and feeble though stolid
The procession of the infirm moved ahead leaving me frigid
Entangled in what reminded me of an umbilical chord
My vision was blurred by the retreating figure of my mortal lord.

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