Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pakistani Troops Kill Indian soldiers on Indian soil

It will surely be another good anniversary of the Independence Day
No cricket across the border shall we ever play
With the pile of the corpses of our soldiers
Easily killed arbitrarily as we are a nation preaching the message of peace pulling down our trousers.
Never say you cease to be sedate or feel restless to go on a killing spree
Your ancestors discovered universal life in everything under many a tree.
The philosophy of hatred preached by your neighbours is an estimate of your goodness
Remember you are an ancient and glorious peace loving nation powered by God's grace.
The best thing for you is to keep count of the dead to tell the posterity tales of their heroism
Selfless service to the nation and willingness to die in a vulnerable condition are the principles of theism.
Did you hear the wail of the Mother over the loss of her heroes bargained for fodder?
Never mind our complacent leaders are on different rungs of the national ladder.
Our sorrow is our own encased in our hearts made of steel
But we have to be stolid signing many a historic deal.
We shall garland our heroes but not weep
We have a smart statesman ready to quip
More and more of them will ever die
This is as a nation we will continue to ply.
Do not let your hands shake as you hoist the national flag
As a nation of martyrs none behind should verily lag.

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